As many sectors such as mining, power, construction of building, road and bridge, food and agriculture have been intensively developing in Mongolia, the use and demand of metal and non-metals materials have been increasing, working scope of metal connection, cutting and welding have been expanding. Welding technologies and equipment have been improving and examination technology and method of the welding process are being sophisticated. Following this development, it is required to increase the number of welding specialists, professional engineers and technicians of welding and improve their knowledge, experience, skill and qualification. 

In 2007, Mongolian Material Science & Welding Society was established to organize and manage works, services and events in this sector. The society works under aims to improve the quality service of welding research and work.

MMSWS shall perform the following works and services specified in the organization charter. 

  • Improve welders' professional skills and experiences of the organizations, and provide a certificate.
  • Process and sophisticate a welding technology, and provide professional advice. 
  • Support to make materials studies and introduce a new and advanced technology.
  • Cooperate with international organizations and foreign countries in material studies and welding works and study their experience. 
  • Organize training, seminar, fairs, competition, measures and events of welding studies and welding works, and provide aid and support to legal entities and organizations.
  • Process some necessary standards, rules, handbooks and manual books of material studies and welding works, and work in publicizing a journal and book of metal studies and welding. 
  • Check a welding quality, provide aid and support to organizations, legal entities and citizens in checking a welding quality and form a working document, 
  • Provide information, report and proposal of welding works to the Government of Mongolia to improve the welding work and service, 
  • Provide a consulting service to establish a center of materials studies, welding lab and training center. 
  • Provide aid and support to professional training organizations, cooperate in processing study programs, and organize events and competitions among the students. 

The society enrolled about 30 legal entities, companies, organizations and training centers and about 70 welding engineers and technical specialists. 

In Mongolia, there are about 60 standards relating to metal welding, examination of metal welding and taught the specialists in non-destructive tests and provide a professional license. 

Mongolian Material Science & Welding Society processed a standard of Arc Welding process in 2020 and got adopted by The Ministry of Labour and Social Allowance, translated six professional standards of welding and non-destructive test with The German Agency for International Cooperation and got adopted by The National Center for Standardization and Metrology. 

As of 2022, about 3000 welders are studied in 45 technical colleges and vocational centers (30 state-owned, 15 private centers) in a year. 

Since the founded time of the society, certificates and licenses have been issued to 5000 welders. 

Mongolian Material Science & Welding Society organized The Welding Championship of Professional Welders in San Paolo, Abu-Dhabi, Kazani and Cleveland   in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 and got involved 650 welders from 200 organizations. 

The society organized measures to involve the best welders and winners in ARC CUP in The People's Republic of China six times, the participants won golden, silver and bronze medals and took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

In cooperation with The Ministry of Labour and Social Allowance, the society organized a Competition of Mongolian Skills with 2 or 3 stages five times in Ulaanbaatar and Dalanzadgad city.

The Society provided aid and support for the winners and best participants in preparation, our people successfully attended in Competitions of the World Skills in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022, and took a Medallion for Excellence in 2017 and 2019. 

The Society organizes to involve Mongolian engineers and technical specialists in international fairs and events to acquaint them with new welding technology and methods. 

Between 2011 and 2019, The Society organized works to involve Mongolian welders in International Fairs of Welding and Cutting in Japanese Osaka, Chinese Beijing and Shanghai, German Essen and Dusseldorf, American Chicago, Las-Vegas and Atlanta. 

The Society joined The Asian Welding Federation in 2009 and actively participated in the works and events of the federation.  

Moreover, the society cooperates with The German Agency for International Cooperation, The German Welding Federation, ARC CUP of China and Fabtech of USA.